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Pressure Washing 

Our knowledge and proper use of chemical solutions is different from the traditional methods. See results of a cleaner surface without damage to that surface.

We expertly use selected chemical solutions combined with a proper cleaning technique. Both are essential to removing rust and copper stains, paint, grease, hazardous spills, and much more.

Rust and copper stains along with mildew are easily within our expertise to remove.

Our experience includes sidewalks, dumpster enclosures, building facades, and more.

Asphalt & Striping


Each repair is inspected to ensure the joint between existing and new asphalt is thoroughly covered with tacking oil. This eliminates water infiltration and prevents premature failure. Asphalt for each repair is measured to ensure the temperature is above 250 degrees Fahrenheit.  Otherwise the repair will prematurely fail. We lay sand to prevent tracking unsightly tire marks on your existing pavement.  Since we opened for business, we have not had a single call back regarding a poor repair.


We apply the correct paint thickness to maximize the longevity of the paint. That is why the striping machines we use all have an on-board computer system that monitors the thickness of the wet paint. This completely eliminates the guess work in striping. Our system ensures maximum service life for the paint.


Through knowledge and experience, our sealcoating process creates a longer lasting result and ensures the longevity of your pavement. When pavement isn’t kept sealed properly, you will see it begin to wear at a rapid rate. Professional sealcoating keeps the pavement surface coated and protected from wearing or chipping away, and improves the appearance of the pavement.

Our sealcoating machinery is designed to apply the correct coating across the entire pavement surface. We schedule sealcoating jobs to minimize hassle and inconvenience to tenants and customers, and we provide complete and safe routing to ensure customer access during the application and drying time.

We also welcome communicating and coordinating with tenants to address their concerns. This prevents calls of frustration to you from your tenants.

Power Sweeping

We service shopping centers, offices, parking decks, construction and roadways, and industrial sites.

Our sweeper trucks are quiet

Our entire parking lot sweeper fleet is the only North Carolina fleet composed of the most quiet sweeper trucks in the USA. Unlike conventional sweepers, we can sweep your rear service area without violating noise ordinance regulations.

We come prepared and ready.

Our sweeper trucks are equipped with two blowers should one not start during the night.  This ensures your property is properly blown clean.  We also maintain two back-up sweeper trucks of the same quality as our other sweepers.  These are available every night. The sweeper fleet of Carolina Sweepers is maintained to original manufacturer’s specifications by our full time mechanic.  We staff each nightly shift with a sweeper manager who inspects and coaches and also maintain a regenerative air construction sweeper truck for heavier use than parking lot sweeping.

Bulk Refuse Services

Why is refuse disposal important?

Not only does following waste disposal procedures help keep the environment clean, but it also makes the community's overall health standards better. With waste being properly disposed of, our environment is cleaner, meaning there are fewer health risks and hazards around to affect us. When we remove waste from your commercial properties it provides a safe desirable client experience.


Property Maintenance Services. KNOW MORE.



Commercial Snow Plowing and Removal

Our Residential & Commercial Snow Removal Services Include:

  • Snow Plowing

  • Ice Treatments (salt and ice melt applications)

  • Sidewalk clearing

Erosion Control

Silt Fencing, Dandy Sacks, Tree Fencing, Outlets, Clean-Up

Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC

Investigating Leaks, Odors, Noises, Electrical and Other Problems


Retention Ponds, Vacated Tenant Spaces, Goose Droppings, Soil Erosion

Concrete Services

Installing, Repairing Curbs and Gutters, Concrete Dumpster Pads, HC Ramps, Grinding

Carpentry & Welding Services

Repairing, Installing Gates, Fences, Building Columns

Seasonal Services

  • Hanging of Banners, Flags, Decorations

  • Removing Bird, Wasp Nests

Roof Maintenance

Creating, Executing Inspection Programs, Removing Abandoned Items

Pavement Improvements

Installing, Relocating of Wheel Blocks, Metal Bollards, Drain Grates

Tenant Spaces

Cleaning After Tenant Departure, Papering Windows, Changing Door Locks, Boarding Broken Windows and Doors, Washing Windows, Wiping Window Sills, Replacing Ceiling Tiles, Vacancy Inspections


Building Walls, Metal Pipe Bollards, Pole Bases, Metal Rails, Metal Steps, Dumpster Gates, Light Poles, Sign Bands, Compactors

Bulk Refuse

Hauling to Landfill


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