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3 Exterior Service Tips for Property Managers

Exterior Cleaning and Commercial Properties

Commercial property managers and HOA managers could benefit the most from exterior cleaning services.

Think about it.

Whether it’s the community HOA building or a shopping center you manage, the appearance of the exterior building is vital, sometimes more vital than the inside (if they never make it inside, it doesn’t matter what it looks like).

That is why it is vital to make sure the appearance of the outside of a property/structure is clean and sparkling! So how does that start and if you’re a property manager what should you consider?

1. See about pressure washing or soft washing.

The first thing is first, soft washing or pressure washing the exterior of the properties you manage is a quick way to add curb appeal.

Over time, brick, siding, and other exterior building materials collect dust, grime, and organic build-up that can cause discoloration and dullness. A way to enhance the exterior of the buildings you manage is to contact a pressure-washing company like Carolina Sweepers and ask what they would recommend.

Depending on the surface type (brick, siding, hardy board, stucco) there are different options when it comes to completing a surface wash.

2. Check the roof.

Some commercial properties have flat roofs, others have normal roofs and some have a combination of each. No matter the type of roof, it’s best to get an expert up there at least one time per year to check things out.

Aside from an expert checking the structural condition of a commercial property roof, it’s also important to give it a visual check from ground level to see if the roof “Looks good.”

In other words, look at the roof from the perspective of a customer and whether or not it looks appealing. If there is organic build-up, stains, bird droppings or whatever – it might be time to get the roof washed.

You can learn about how a roof wash process works here, from start to finish!

3. Look at sidewalks and patios.

This might be the most important for customers when they’re walking into a store or any location, but what is the condition of the walkways and patios?

If you happen to be the property manager of a large commercial shopping center, gum, oil stains, soda spills and other sticky materials on walkways can quickly give the shopping center a bad look

Just recently at a local Walmart, the parking lot had thousands of gum marks in the parking lot, meanwhile, at a Wegmans, the parking lot was free and clear. While keeping a parking lot super clean is one thing, keeping the sidewalks and patios clean is manageable.

Power washing patios and sidewalks can quickly remove dirt, grime, and sticky materials and make sidewalks look brand new!

Final Word for Exterior Cleaning Commercial Properties

When in doubt, always call a Commercial Property Maintenance company like Carolina sweepers to make sure the exterior condition of the properties you/your company manages are in tip-top shape.

Consumers choose where they shop based on not only cleanliness but perceived cleanliness. I am sure the patrons at the Walmart mentioned above have noticed the gum problem in the parking lot and sidewalks.

Remember the cleanliness of the Wegmans shopping center mentioned earlier? Patrons notice that cleanliness. So while landscaping and fancy signage add to the curb appeal – so does a clean exterior

So if you’re a property manager or small business owner, be sure to check out our commercial cleaning options and get in touch!


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